Google Forms, Meet Your New Best Friend: bettercollected

Discover how Better Collected enhances your Google Forms experience by simplifying data access, upholding user data rights, and ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Google Forms, Meet Your New Best Friend: bettercollected

Google Forms is like that old reliable friend we all have – always there for you when you need to whip up a quick survey, quiz, or form. But let's be honest, managing user data access and staying compliant with data privacy regulations can be a bit of a drag. Enter bettercollected – the life of the party, a form management platform that takes your Google Forms to the next level by streamlining data access, upholding user data rights, and simplifying GDPR and CCPA compliance.

A Perfect Pair: bettercollected and Google Forms

bettercollected and Google Forms are a match made in heaven. With a few easy clicks, your Google Forms can be connected to bettercollected, creating a centralized hub for all your form data. It's like when two best friends meet for the first time and just click! Import Google Forms Now

Custom-Branded Portals & Unique URLs

Say goodbye to boring, generic-looking forms! With bettercollected, you can create custom-branded portals and unique URLs for your Google Forms, giving them a fresh, stylish makeover. Turn heads and make an impression with your one-of-a-kind forms.

Empowering Users & Winning Hearts

One of the fantastic features of bettercollected is giving users a centralized location to view, access, and request deletion of their submitted data. By integrating with Google Forms, you empower your users and show them you care about their data rights. It's like a virtual hug for your users!

Keeping Things Fun & Compliant

Nobody likes dealing with the nitty-gritty of data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. bettercollected swoops in to save the day by making the process of managing user data access and deletion requests simple, efficient, and dare we say... fun? Now, your Google Forms will stay compliant while you focus on the more exciting parts of your business.

Plans for Every Party Size

Whether you're hosting an intimate gathering or a massive bash, bettercollected offers a range of flexible plans to accommodate organizations of all sizes. No matter the size of your business, bettercollected has a plan that'll suit your data privacy compliance needs without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, bettercollected is the perfect partner to bring fun, friendliness, and flair to your Google Forms experience. Say goodbye to boring data management and hello to a world of empowered users and seamless compliance. Give bettercollected a whirl and watch your Google Forms game level up!

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