Typeform, Get Ready to Shine: Introducing Better Collected

Discover how Better Collected supercharges your Typeform experience with a touch of humor and panache, streamlining data access, user data rights, and compliance effortlessly.

Typeform has become the ultimate wingman for businesses seeking to create sleek and stylish forms, surveys, and quizzes. It's like the dapper friend who helps you make a great first impression. But when it comes to managing user data access and navigating the maze of data privacy regulations, things can get a bit, well, tedious. Say hello to Better Collected – the fun-loving form management platform that adds a dash of excitement and ease to your Typeform experience while simplifying data access, upholding user data rights, and ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Typeform's Perfect Partner: Better Collected

Better Collected and Typeform are a dynamic duo. With just a few clicks, you can connect your Typeforms to Better Collected, creating a centralized hub for all your form data. It's like the perfect double date for your data collection needs!

Custom-branded Portals & Unique URLs – The Ultimate Glow-Up

No more settling for run-of-the-mill forms! With Better Collected, you can create custom-branded portals and unique URLs for your Typeforms, taking their style quotient up a notch. Make an unforgettable impression with your dashing, one-of-a-kind forms.

Empower Users & Spread the Love

One of Better Collected's amazing features is providing users with a centralized location to view, access, and request deletion of their submitted data. By integrating with Typeform, you empower your users and show them you truly care about their data rights. It's like sending them a virtual high-five!

Making Compliance a Piece of Cake

Dealing with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA can be a real party pooper. But worry not, because Better Collected is here to make the process of managing user data access and deletion requests a breeze. Now, your Typeforms will stay compliant while you focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your business.

Plans for Every Celebration

Whether you're planning a cozy get-together or a grand gala, Better Collected offers a range of flexible plans to accommodate organizations of all sizes. No matter the size of your business, Better Collected has a plan that'll fit your data privacy compliance needs without emptying your wallet.

In conclusion, Better Collected is the perfect sidekick to bring fun, ease, and flair to your Typeform experience. Bid farewell to dull data management and embrace a world of empowered users and hassle-free compliance. Give Better Collected a spin and watch your Typeform game reach new heights!