What's New

Recent updates and improvements to bettercollected

June 6, 2024

Custom Domain Addition Made Easier

We have introduced a new flow for adding custom domains, making the process smoother and easier for everyone. You can now easily see the status of your custom domain. Additionally, other features and fixes have been implemented.


  • New flow for adding custom domains, making the process more user-friendly and streamlined.
  • Uploading animation while the image is being uploaded in the form builder.
  • New dashboard design.


  • Improved display of forms on mobile devices so that your responders can easily fill out forms from their mobile devices.
  • The option to add images in the form builder has been moved to the right sidebar.
  • Help button has been added to the top navigation bar.
  • Design improvement for "Public Workspace".

May 31, 2024

Free bettercollected PRO!

For a limited time, we're excited to announce that bettercollected PRO is now free to use! Enjoy all the premium features without any cost.


  • bettercollected PRO is now free to use for a limited time.
  • Introduced the ability for users to type multiple lines in the text field. The text automatically breaks into new lines when the end of the input field is reached.
  • Explore our new "What's New" button located at the bottom right corner, providing instant access to the latest updates, reporting problems, requesting features, and contacting support.
  • Upload your images from your device directly into your forms.
  • Now you can directly upload images within form fields.


  • Google Forms are imported with a white theme and without images to preserve the original Google Form design.
  • Introduced settings to revert imported Google Forms to their original design. Explore settings after importing a Google Form for this feature.
  • Fixed an issue related to assigning forms to specific groups, now you can assign form to specific group while keeping it private to other.
  • Resolved the issue encountered while enabling "Verify Identity" for a form.
  • Changed icons and renamed some terms in the form builder to increase usability and reduce confusion.
  • Removed form version information from the dashboard forms to eliminate clutter.

May 16, 2024

Start With AI (beta)

Unveiling our new AI feature, "Start with AI," designed to transform your form creation process. Simply write a prompt, and let our AI generate a complete form for you. Currently in beta, this feature marks a significant step towards effortless and intelligent form building.


  • Added new feature "Start with AI," enabling users to generate forms effortlessly using AI-generated prompts.


  • Resolved issue where responders were not visible when importing Google Forms into multiple workspaces

May 10, 2024

Introducing bettercollected V2

We're thrilled to unveil bettercollected V2, a significant upgrade designed to revolutionize your form building journey. With a host of innovative features and enhancements, crafting dynamic forms has never been easier or more customizable.


  • Introduced a new form builder that was more user-friendly and customizable.
  • Enabled users to design both single-page and multiple-page forms for a classic or modern look, addressing previous limitations.
  • Offered seven different color themes for form customization, providing users with more options.
  • Unsplash has been integrated withour our platform now you can use vast library of images for your forms.
  • Provided six different templates to streamline form creation.
  • Allowed users to adjust the form layout, including options for left image, right image, or no image.
  • Added fluid animations when adding form fields.
  • Preview mode for both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring forms looked their best on all platforms.
  • Enhanced the responder experience with animated page transitions.
  • New bettercollected logo, symbolizing the smoothness and sophistication of bettercollected v2.0.


  • Resolved minor bugs and glitches for a smoother user experience.