How to customize Google Form link?

Learn how to customize your Google Form link, change the URL, and create a branded custom link that stands out. Perfect for educators, businesses, and event organizers!

Better Collected

When a Google form is published, the form URL is composed of random looking URL. For those of us who value branding, we immediately think if only we could change some parts of the URL and make it more brand appropriate. Unfortunately, it is not possible to customise the form URL on Google forms.

But there is a solution. You can customise the form URL exactly the way you like by importing the form on Better Collected Platform.

Here is how you can do it.

  1. First, import the form from Google Forms using the following steps.
Click on Import Forms button

Google forms cannot be imported without Google Forms permissions. So, for the first time you'll need to authorize permissions.

Authorise Google Forms permissions (first time only)
Authorise Google Forms permissions (first time only)

As soon as allow permissions to import forms, you'll be able to see Google Drive dialog box where you can find all your Google Forms present on your Google Drive. Select the Google Form which you'd like to customize the link.

Select Form from Google Drive
Select Google Form on Google Drive Dialog

Once you select the Form whose link or URL you'd like to customize, it will be auto-magically imported with a proper form link already. Perhaps it is already what you wanted to set 😄.

Click Customize Link button

Click on Customize Form Link button to edit the form URL.

Update the URL to your liking

You can edit the form URL inline as highlighted on the green rectangle above. Your new form URL is automatically saved as soon as you change it.

Tip: choose a URL part that best reflects the form name and your business.

Customized Form URL

Congratulations! You now have your custom form link.

You can copy the new Form Link URL by simply clicking on Copy button.

Next, click Done to go the Dashboard where all of your form will be shown. You can also customize the form link later clicking the options on the form card on the Dashboard.

Imported form in Dashboard with additional options

Try opening the newly generated link. Here is a screenshot of the my imported form with the updated form URL. Note the URL in the address bar.

On Better Collected Platform, you can easily change the form URL by simply importing form and benefit from better branding and better SEO.

There are a ton of other useful features for form creators. If you don't have an account yet, Get Started for Free here.