Google Forms vs. Better Collected Forms: A Privacy-Centric Comparison

We'll talk about a thorough privacy analysis comparing Google Forms and Better Collected Forms in this blog post, with a focus on how each platform prioritizes data privacy and user rights.

Better Collected

In today's data-driven world, privacy has become a paramount concern for individuals and organizations alike. When it comes to collecting information through online forms, the choice of form builder can significantly impact the level of privacy and control you have over the data you collect.

In this blog post, we have conducted a thorough privacy analysis comparing our platform with Google Forms.

Google Forms

Privacy Considerations:

  • Limited Transparency: Google Forms may not provide clear information to respondents about how their data will be used, potentially leading to privacy concerns.
  • Limited Data Control: Users have limited control over data retention and deletion, which can be problematic for businesses striving to comply with privacy regulations.

Better Collected Forms

Privacy Considerations:

  • Transparency and Informed Consent: Better Collected Forms excels in informing respondents about the type of form they're filling out before submission, ensuring informed consent.
  • Data Deletion Requests: Users have the ability to request the deletion of their responses, giving them greater control over their data.
  • Seamless Form Import: The platform allows users to import forms from Google Forms and Type form, making it easier to transition while enhancing privacy practices.
  • Custom URL Creation: Users can create custom URLs for their forms, improving branding and accessibility.
  • Workspace Flexibility: Better Collected Forms offers multiple workspaces, allowing for organized collaboration with team members and separation of data as needed.

In Conclusion

Comparison between Google Forms and our Better Collected Forms, the latter shines as a robust option for organizations and individuals looking to prioritize data privacy, transparency, and user data rights. Its features, including form import, customization, and workspace flexibility, make it a compelling choice for those seeking an online form builder with privacy at its core.

Choose Better Collected Forms for more secure and privacy-conscious form-building experience to all the privacy-conscious companies who prioritize robust data privacy and responsible data management.